New Single with Chad Chatcher & Pretty Boi K.O / by Dan Steele

Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't posted for while, I'll get to why in another post, but for now I've gotta tell you about a new track!

A few months ago my best homie/business partner, Thomas "Cody" Shaver, informed me that he'd been in talks with Chad Hatcher about making some music. Naturally, I insinuated myself into the project immediately, and, because great minds think a like, so did Pretty Boi K.O.

We found out Chad had been composing some original beats that no one had heard yet and he gave us a first listen. K.O and myself both zero'd in the first beat Cody showed us. The next step was to see what kind of concept Chad and Cody had in mind, and within a couple of days he had the beat finished and chorus written. Then it was time for me, and K.O, to write, which I know for me came quite easy on this one as I think about the subject matter in this track a lot, as all "struggling artists" likely do. We tracked our parts at Synergy-SGP and then sent them off to Notion, at Illnote Studios, for the mix and master. Done.

You can find Never Give Up on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major music outlets. Hope you dig it!

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