WANNA BE | Now available on Spotify + Apple Music! / by Dan Steele

Since it's release, almost 4 years ago, Wanna Be be has been available exclusively through my Bandcamp page and hard-copy sales at shows.  Also, since then, streaming services have exploded and are now, obviously, the way most people enjoy music.  Although People Like Me has been available on all streaming services since it's release, I just recently realized that Wanna Be never has!  I have a tendency to completely forget about projects after I finish them.  This is probably for the best, because I would, otherwise, never be able to keep myself focused on the next one.  Aaanyyywaaay, for those who are new to the project, I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and to those re-enjoying Wanna Be, thanks-so-much for the continued support!

I love you all, 

Dan Doesn't Sleep